4th of July Party Ideas

June 26, 2019

In less than a week, Independence Day will be here. It is a holiday many people are excited for. And it makes sense why people love this holiday. For many, this day means BBQ, family, and a long summer night of fun and games; all of the great things that come with the summer time. For those that are hosting the festivities for the fourth this year, this blog is for you. We created a list of the best décor and food ideas for this summer holiday. Be prepared for your guests to be amazed!

Star-Spangled Yard

This décor is seemingly easy but looks cool! Your guest will be amazed by your creativity. A stencil can be made with a piece of cardboard, scissors and imagination. The only thing with this option is that if it rains, then it might not stick ☹.

*Pro Tip: Be sure to use landscape spray paint to protect the environment!

American Flag Lanterns
This is a project that is super simple and that you can complete for just a few dollars. These DIY lanterns are perfect for the 4th of July!
Elevate your summer night festivities with a decorative candle for the occasion. You just need the four items shown in the picture. It will look like you spent a lot of money for custom candles. But, in reality, you can get all of these items at a dollar store.

4th of July Backdrop 

This is a perfect idea to have an area to capture memories of your friends and family being together once again. Also, it would look cute as a background in your many selfies you take that day.

Red, White & Blue Wreath

Nothing says, “Welcome to our Independence Day Party!” like a red, white and blue wreath. Let your guests know that the king/queen of décor is just behind that door. It’s a cute and creative alternative to what you may find in stores.

Floating RWB Lights

If you have a pool or even a large fountain, this décor tip could be something that you can work with. Not only does this look amazing at night, but it will set a nice mood when everyone is outside setting off fireworks.

The Food Portion (AKA The part we’ve all been waiting for)

Chocolate Sprinkle-dipped pretzels

All you need is red, white and blue Candy Melts (you can get them at Michaels or Walmart), pretzels and white sprinkles. Dip the pretzels two-thirds of the way in white Candy Melts and let harden. Then dip the top in blue Candy Melts, and while it’s still wet, sprinkle the white sprinkles so they stick. Finally, use a spoon to drizzle red over the rest of the pretzel. Allow to harden and enjoy!

Something so simple and so yummy. All you need is melted chocolate (either white, milk, or dark) some red, white and blue sprinkles and the pretzels of course! It makes for a tasty treat the kids can enjoy while walking around.

4TH of July Fruit Salad

If you’re trying to watch your figure, this might be the best option for you. A beautiful blend of blueberries, bananas and strawberries is not only delicious, but is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Festive Popcorn

This is also an easy one to make you just need any popcorn that’s already popped and you drizzle red and blue candy melt on it with red and blue sprinkles.

*Pro Tip: You can also use white chocolate with food coloring for extra points!

Patriotic Punch – Kid Friendly

The kids will go crazy over this refreshing drink! For each color you can use any red drink. In this picture, Cranberry juice was used. But you can use a red fruit punch as an alternative. For white, a non-alcoholic Pina Colada mix was used. And lastly for blue, a blue raspberry juice was used. For this mixture you must make sure the red drink has a heavier sugar content so that it settles on the bottom instead of mixing with the other colors! Remember to add the Twizzlers as a straw for extra fun (and a snack).

Patriotic Chip and Dip!

Patriotic Chips and Salsa | 25 Ways To Have The Most Patriotic 4th Of July Party | Best 4th of July Party Ideas & Recipes | Independence Day | diyready.com

Now this is the easiest option out of this list. All you have to do is buy the blue, red, and white corn tortilla chips, and add your choice of sauces to accompany them! If all else fails, this is a go-to option.

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