TOP 5 DIY Father's Day Gifts - To Make Dad Proud

June 14, 2019
Tips for DIY Father's Day Gifts

In May, we celebrate our amazing moms. Now that we’re in June it is time to celebrate our great dads. But what can we give them that they don’t already have? That’s where the DIYs come in. What’s not to love about a creative gift from your loved one. We compiled a list of some fun and easy DIYs that you can do to show your amazing dad how much he means to you. Ready for some cool ideas?

Gift Option #1. DAD COUPONS

This is probably one of the cutest options out of the list. This gift can be from anyone; a wife, the kids even the parents of the father. Whatever Dad loves just type or write it on a piece of paper. It can be as simple as that or you can be even more creative. Get a ticket template on line and start typing different things that Dad would enjoy.

Gift Option # 2 – F.A.T.H.E.R

This gift is something so simple, yet it can be sentimental. Create an acronym with words that represent your father with the letters that are in the word “father”. You can be creative as you want, or you can keep it simple and to the point. The rest is up to you.

Gift Option #3 – Decorate a Grill Plate for Dad

Warning, this will soon be Dad’s favorite plate! For this option, all you must do is get a large plate, which you can buy from anywhere, and some paint. Then the creativity is endless. You can put cute sayings on the plate or you can just do the cute hand prints on the plate with paint. Dad will always know that his family loves him even when he’s grilling.

Gift Option #4 – Dad’s “Stache”

Do you know what Dad’s favorite snack is? Once you get that information, all you would need is a jar and that snack. Depending on the snack you can put creative and witty notes on the jar. For example, if Dad’s favorite snack is pecans, you can put some in a jar and put a cute note such as, “We’re nuts about you! Happy Father’s Day”. This gift will surely bring a smile to his face.

Gift Option #5 – “We love you Dad” Collage

This one is for those that aren’t you feeling too crafty to do the above options. You can simply take multiple photos with any loving message. After taking these photos a collage can be created. There are plenty of free online apps that allow you to create beautiful collages with photos. So, when you choose the app you want to use you can start creating! View the example below.

Just a reminder, Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 16th.

This Father’s Day, you can also give Dad the gift of reassurance and peace of mind by giving us a call at (386) 427-1665 to see how you can save money for an a/c tune-up this Summer!

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