8 HVAC Jokes to Keep You Laughing

Advanced Air & Heat May 13, 2019
HVAC Jokes

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1. Why did the AC tech run toward the AC?

He was charging it.

2. Why did the AC compressor sweat?

Because it had to run all day.

3. What’s big, fuzzy, and uses a lot of electricity?

An A/C unit next to a dryer vent.

4. How are computers and air conditioners alike?

Both stop working once you open Windows.

5. Customer: “My furnace makes a loud noise once in a while and I smell something funny.”

Technician: “Sounds like it’s getting gas.”

6. Why was the bird arrested when he hopped out of the flue pipe?

He was draft dodging.

7. An angry customer called an HVAC/R tech fuming, accusing him of leaving the wrong air filters for his furnace.

“You left me 20 x 25 filters, and my furnace requires 25 x 20. I guess you expect me to purchase all new filters?”
“No,” the technician responded. “I expect you to turn them around.”

8. Technician: “How long has the AC not been working?”

Customer: “2 weeks”.
Technician: “Why did you wait 2 weeks to have it fixed?”
Customer: “My in-laws were here. They were planning to stay for a month.”

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