5 DIY’s to Make Your House Décor POP!

May 24, 2019

Whether you just moved in to your new Florida establishment or you just want to spice up your living room. We have some DIY house décor essentials that you can use to add a little spice to your home décor.

Glitter Light Switch

Everyone has these in their home. However, not everyone has a decorated one, or at least one that is not just plain white. Make your light switch stand out with a little (or a lot) of glitter to add some personality into the simplest part of your home. Not a fan of glitter? Try adding some wrapping paper to your light switch to add a fun print!

DIY Bathroom Paint Job

Take a look at your bathroom sink handles. Do they need some renovating? Then this tip was made for you. For this DIY all you need is one can of Metallic paint and painters tape. When you have the color that you desire, use the painters tape around the seams of the sink faucet, cover anywhere else you don’t want sprayed, and get to spraying. When it is finished, people will be wondering if you got a whole new sink added to your bathroom. But shhh… it’s our secret.

The Curtain Effect!

Now this tip is almost too simple. If you have a few coat hooks, the ones that usually go on bathroom doors, you can use that to hang window curtains. Just make sure that you place the hooks higher than the windowsill so that your walls will look longer.

Mirror, Mirror

Ok, we’re almost there. The tip requires you to take a quick trip to the store but you won’t be spending more than $20, because all you need are the slender mirrors that are $5 or less each. Get two or more of them and place them horizontally on the wall (like the picture shown). Now you have a chiq look that didn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Spruce Up Your Thermostat

Many of our customers don’t pay attention to their thermostat, but did you know you can make it a design element of your home? Simply add a decorative frame. If you are not happy with that look, you could add a shelf directly under the thermostat, then decorate the shelf with books, flower or other accessories. Just be sure not to place anything directly in front of the thermostat so it can continue to detect the room’s air temperature properly.
BONUS Tip: Want to upgrade your thermostat to an automated WiFi model? Give us a call at (386) 427-1665

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