10 Ways to Keep Cool Without Air-Conditioning

Advanced Air & Heat June 04, 2015
Ways to Cool Home without A/C

Not having air-conditioning in Florida can be really uncomfortable. Here are some ways to keep cool if your ac is broken:

1. Fans are probably one of the most obvious choices to keep cool if you have no air-conditioning. By putting a bowl or pan of ice in front of the fan, it will help to cool the air blowing.

2. Keep towels in the freezer. Sometimes sheets or pillowcases can also be kept cool in freezers.

3. Wear cotton clothing and sleep on cotton bedding. Cotton allows breathing room.

4. Drink lots of water. Hydration helps keep the body cool.

5. Take cold showers. This is a great remedy for those terribly sticky days and nights!

6. Heat rises. If you live in a 2-story home, stay on the bottom floor.

7. Open as many windows and doors you can to create a cross-breeze. Hang a wet sheet in front of an open window.

8. Eat meals that don’t require cooking. Ovens and stoves crank up the heat. If you have to cook, do it in the cooler part of the evening.

9. Unplug anything that creates heat – especially lights and technical devices.

10. Keep blinds, shades, or curtains closed from direct sunlight during the day or put reflective film on windows.

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