Residential and Commercial Electrical Services

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Residential Electrical Service

Residential Electrical Services

Lightning Protection. Advanced Air & Heat is here to help protect your home and electronics from the elements. Homes are more likely to be struck by lightning today than in the past. Computers, security systems, and sensitive electronic equipment increase the potential for lightning damage. In past decades, overhead power lines and steel plumbing helped protect homes by providing a path for lightning to travel to the ground. Today, with the widespread use of underground utilities, PVC plumbing and increased coverage of raw land, homes are becoming more vulnerable to lightning. Today’s residential lightning protection systems are designed to blend with a structure without compromising aesthetics. For example, finials and weathervanes may be substituted for standard lightning rods to add elegance to a home’s lightning protection system. Lightning protection systems can even be concealed in the walls of a new or remodeled home. Surge protection is another important aspect of any residential lightning protection system.

Emergency Generators. Inconvenience due to a power outage can be minimized by installing a proper generator backup system. Advanced Air & Heat installs all sizes of home generators to help you through those dark times when the power goes out. The size of the generator you need will be determined by what items you need to run to keep your home inhabitable during the outage. It can be as simple as a manual switch that will run your essential circuits, or you can activate an automatic generator that will switch over as much as your home’s standard power to backup power as you would like.

Lighting and Cabling. Do you need help with your home lighting or cabling? Call Advanced Air & Heat at (386) 427-1665 today for peace of mind. When you call us, you can expect the work you need to be done in your home to be performed by trained, professional, insured and courteous technicians who will be able to assist you with all of your home lighting and cabling needs. Did you know that lighting upgrades can reduce energy costs? Technology has changed with indoor lighting to provide more efficient lighting, saving energy costs and enabling a better quality of illumination. For instance, lighting outfitted with 15-watt compact fluorescent lamps can replace 60-watt light bulbs and save you and your family several dollars per fixture per month.

Installation of Electrical Switches, Outlets and Fixtures. Advanced Air & Heat can help you find and install the following fixtures to add value and luminosity to your home: ceiling fans, chandeliers, can or pendant lights, exterior lights, wall sconces, vanity lights, low-voltage lights, bath or attic exhaust fans, and many more fixtures. Additional electrical services include: troubleshooting electrical problems; repairing/replacing old switches, fixtures or outlets; moving wall switches or outlets; adding/moving 220v outlets.

Surge Protection. Dangerous power surges caused by lightning, accidents and other sources can flow into your home, causing damage to expensive entertainment systems and appliances, “crashing” your computer or erasing stored numbers in your phone. Protect against power surges before they enter your home. Each year, transient voltage surges impinging on home wiring and electronic devices are responsible for over $500 million U.S residential property insurance claims. Contact Advanced Air & Heat at (386) 427-1665 today to find out how we can help you save your home and electronic devices, and give you comfort knowing that when that storm comes, your home will be protected.

Commercial Electrical Services

Tenant Buildouts – Advanced Air & Heat is your “one-stop shop” for all of your commercial facilities needs. Services we offer you and your business include: start-to-finish installation, construction management services, scheduling and budgeting, interior/exterior renovations, plumbing/electrical, drywall/framing, drop ceilings, demolitions and renovations. Save money, time and worry by contacting Advanced Air & Heat today for all of your buildout needs.

Emergency and Exit Lighting. Advanced Air & Heat offers power point testing services. Power points and broken switches that are prone to constant risk are replaced by a technician before an accident occurs. Services offered include earth test, insulation test, safety switch tests on power points, phase rotation for three-phase outlets, correct polarity, correct voltage and much more. We offer emergency exit lighting services to clients, ensuring that commercial, school and business builds are code compliant.

Backup Generator Installation. Losing power can be very costly and inconvenient. Power outages are unpredictable, often create unsafe situations, and, in some cases, may take days to resolve. Heaters, water pumps and sump pumps do not work, computer networks lose data, and buildings and homes lose their functionality. Business owners and managers may find themselves in a difficult situation because the productivity of their business comes to a halt when the power goes out. Generators are the best way to ensure that your business will have full functionality every day of the year. We install generators in commercial and industrial facilities as well as homes. Contact Advanced Air & Heat today at Advanced Air & Heat and we’ll provide you with a free consultation and estimate to determine if a backup generator is a good option for your business.

Surge Protection. Damage from electrical transients, or surges, is one of the leading causes of electrical equipment failure. An electrical transient is a short duration, a high-energy impulse that is imparted on the normal electrical power system. The most obvious source of electrical transients is lightning, but surges can also come from normal utility switching operations or unintentional grounding of electrical conductors (such as when an overhead power line falls to the ground). Surges may even come from within a facility from fax machines, copiers, air conditioners, elevators, motors/pumps, or arc welders. In each case, the normal electric circuit is suddenly exposed to a large dose of energy that can adversely affect the equipment being supplied power.

A surge protection device (SPD), also known as a transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS), is designed to divert high-current surges to ground and bypass equipment, thereby limiting the voltage impressed on the equipment. For this reason, it is critical that your facility has a good, low-resistance grounding system, with a single reference point to which the grounds of all building systems are connected. Without a proper grounding system, there is no way to protect against surges. Call Advanced Air & Heat today to find out how you can save your business precious downtime and unnecessary equipment loss by having us install an SPD.

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