AC Repair

$759 NEST Smart Home Bundle* Installed

*bundle includes: 1 NEST Thermostat & 1 NEST Hello Doorbell

Valid Through 02/28/2019
State Certified | CAC1817470 CFC1428691 EC0001206

$399 NEST Hello Doorbell Installed

Valid Through 02/28/2019
State Certified | CAC1817470 CFC1428691 EC0001206

$429 3rd Gen NEST Thermostat Installed

Valid Through 02/28/2019
State Certified | CAC1817470 CFC1428691 EC0001206

AC Installation

air conditioning repair

Whether you need an AC repair for your home’s current air conditioner or would like to install a new one, the air conditioner service professionals at Advanced Air and Heat are here to help. With decades of award-winning service and top-rated air conditioning systems to choose from, we have the right AC solution for your specific needs and wants, at the right price.

AC Products and Installation

Air Conditioning Equipment

Top-of-the-Line AC Products and Installation

Choosing the right AC products and the company to install them can be a very daunting task. AC servicing, especially an installation, is a considerable investment, so you want to make sure it’s done right the very first time. Advanced Air & Heat has over two decades of experience in air conditioning unit installation with a variety of air conditioning products available for any application.

Once you’ve selected the best AC equipment for your home and needs, our air conditioning contractors will then conduct a home comfort consultation and free estimate process to ensure proper installation. It’s important to make sure that before the installation takes place that the air conditioner is the correct size and output for your home for maximum cooling efficiency.

To learn more about our AC servicing and installation processes, do not hesitate to reach out, seven days a week, by calling (386) 427-1665.

AC Repair

thermostat repair

Superior AC Repair Services Provided by Advanced Air and Heat

In our region of the United States, we all know how crucial it is to have a properly functioning and efficiently running AC system during the oppressive summer months. That’s why Advanced Air & Heat is proud to be the area’s premier provider of reliable and trustworthy air conditioner repair, maintenance, and replacement. Our dedicated team of air conditioner service specialists can keep your system running so you won’t have to endure a sticky, muggy, and uncomfortable summer.

Ensuring that your AC system is working correctly is also about much more than just being cool and comfortable during the summer; it’s about saving your money as well. And as the go-to air conditioner service professionals in Edgewater, Daytona Beach, and New Smyrna Beach, Advanced Air & Heat is honored to provide our customers with the money-saving maintenance, repair, and even replacement to keep them cozy and content this season.

AC Maintenance

Advanced Air and Heat Maintenance

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Sometimes, you may notice that your air conditioner isn’t working to its full capacity or not feeling as cool as it should. It’s possible you may need some routine maintenance to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Regular AC maintenance has many benefits, including increasing the lifespan of the system by reducing the wear and tear on its components through service, lubrication, and upkeep.

AC maintenance can also decrease potential safety issues by ensuring that the indoor air filter is clean and clear from dirt and contaminants, which can adversely affect our respiratory health and overall safety.

Air conditioning maintenance and home repair also increases the efficiency of the entire system, not only making it cooler and more comfortable but doing it with less use of your utilities, which can save you money over time.

Restoring and Repairing Your Air Conditioner

Sometimes, routine maintenance isn’t enough to get your AC system operating correctly, and some air conditioner repair services may be necessary to restore it to its original and proper working condition. There are several reasons an AC system may not be functioning at optimal levels, and consequently, an air conditioner repair service may entail a number of troubleshooting techniques.

These repairs can include fixing anything from refrigerant leaks to issues with the air handler, evaporator coil, broken belts, malfunctioning fans, sensor problems, corroded wires, and a host of other problems and issues.

All these problems can prevent your AC system from functioning at optimal capacity, and even have the power to completely railroad it and stop it in its tracks. Therefore, this is why you need our air conditioning repair services.

In fact, the last thing you want is a complete AC breakdown in the middle of summer to make you and your loved ones not only uncomfortable but downright miserable, which is precisely why you should choose our air conditioner repair services for your system.

Replacing Your Air Conditioner

In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to replace your existing AC system with an installation. In these cases, it’s best to let the professionals at Advanced Air & Heat handle these installations. Our highly-trained team of AC specialists are knowledgeable with a wide array of air conditioner makes and models, and can help you upgrade your current AC to a more efficient and dependable system.

Upgrading your AC system not only creates a cooler and more comfortable living area for you, but it can also be viewed as an investment that can actually save you money. Repeated repairs and necessary maintenance can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, and replacing your AC system can save you plenty on the continued repairs of an old and inefficient AC system.

A brand new air conditioner installation can save you from more than discomfort. It can save you money through increased performance and efficiency, which will be evident in your utility bills. It can also save you the worry of having an unreliable and undependable AC system to keep you and your loved ones cool all summer long, all from our air conditioning contractors.

At Advanced Air & Heat, our air conditioner contractors are committed to providing the most comprehensive AC repair, maintenance, and replacement to the areas of Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, and Edgewater.

Call us today for expert air conditioning services or fill out our online contact form for home AC repair or maintenance for residential air conditioners.

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