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Reviews Of our Satisfied Customers

Comment Cards from Our Customers

B.M. Palm Coast – May, 2017

Have dealt with AA&H Palm Coast for years – find them truthful, honest & not pushy.

M.S. Palm Coast, FL – April, 2017

From start to finish, I cannot overstate the absolute “OVER THE TOP” experience I have had with your company and every representative! From meeting personally with Karen at the home show to the follow-up phone conversations, to her even helping with problems from other “SO CALLED CUSTOMER ORIENTATED COMPANIES” who only cared for the money. Meeting and receiving an “ABOVE THE BAR” sense of professionalism by salesman JOSH, who went out of his way to reassure us of your quality of product and service. The install team was without question the epitome of “TEAMWORK WITH KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL” combined. And having the courtesy and communication with us to ensure no concerns about install were to be experienced. I can not THANK YOU enough for the comfort and sense of confidence provided to me — but MOST IMPORTANTLY–to my family!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I am clicking below because I believe all your members need to know!

S.R. Port Orange, FL – August, 2016

“Kudos to Jason Healy!  Ms. Rathbun called to say he was an asset to our company and she gives him 5 stars.  She will always be a customer of Advanced Air and Heat!!!!  – June 2016

“Congrats to Brendan from Mr. Wands who says – “he did an excellent job, was polite and courteous and cleaned everything up nicely. “  New Smyrna Beach, FL. – June 2016

“Mr. Allten called to rave about how great Thomas & his helper were yesterday at his install. They did a great job, they were very polite and answered all his questions. He was very impressed!!.”Ormond Beach, FL – May 2016

“Mr. Robinson  called to say that he had a business for 20 years building race car engines, and he never saw 4 guys work together as well as ours did for his install, or have such nice people answering the phones!.” – Edgewater, FL. – May 2016

Helpful and Knowledgeable AC Service Technicians

T.C. had her install this morning. She called stating that Matt and his crew were wonderful men, very polite and hard workers, that knew their jobs very well. She could not say enough positive things about her installers.T. C. Daytona Beach, FL. – August, 2016

Professionalism and Customer Service Exceeded Expectations

L.B. has called to let you know what a wonderful technician and experience he had with Michael Cooper. He said if someone does the kind of job Michael did for him with pure professionalism and knowledge then they deserve to be recognized. He thanked us for sending him Michael and could not say enough good things. Way to go Michael!!!!!.

L.B. of Port Orange, FL. – June 2016

Efficient and Affordable AC Repair

D.C. called this morning to say how very much impressed he was with his install team.  He said that we truly saved his life, and that he couldn’t have hand picked a better install team. Great job Tom Gold and his crew!

D.C. New Smyrna Beach, FL. – June 2016

Highly Recommended – Best Air Conditioning and Heating Repair in New Smyrna Beach

S.R. called to give praise for Matt going to repair her drain line. She said that Tom was there earlier, and his is wonderful too, but Matt was so friendly and kind and went above and beyond. She wanted to make sure that his boss knew what a great job he did.

S.R.  Edgewater, FL – June, 2016

Have Kept my 16 Year Old A/C Working

Mrs. A called today and she wanted us to know that Noah and James were so polite and professional and worked so well together. She said they were so knowledgeable and that they took their time to explain everything to her.  She received the BEST service EVER.

Mrs. A — New Smyrna Beach, FL. – September 2016

Great Experience from Start to Finish

R.P. says what a great group of guys she had at her house today.  Polite, well mannered, and very  considerate of her cat when they were coming in and out of the house. “Give them a Gold Star!”

R.P. — New Smyrna Beach, FL – May, 2016

Knowledgeable and Courteous AC Repair Technicians

I received a call from B.B. & D.B. praising Tony Adorante. They continued to talk about how intelligent, professional, and helpful Tony was to them.  They said to please always try to send them Tony and they will wait a day or two for an open slot just for Tony to service them.

B.B — New Smyrna Beach, FL. — May, 2016

In Depth and Affordable Air Conditioning Repair

Mr. B.V. could not give us enough compliments!! He said he wants to give you a big hug and kiss and then he said no he can’t do that so he would give me the big hug and kiss !! LOL Anyways he said Shawn was Awesome and he appreciates everyone here and that he is so pleased with us, he will never go anywhere else!!

B.V. Port Orange, FL. – May, 2016

Great Generator, Heating and Air Conditioner Check Ups Every Year

S.S. called to say that they were very hard working, kind and respectful to her and to her 89 year old mother, who loved them!

S.S — Edgewater, FL. – February, 2016

Impressive Service on New AC System Installation

One of the tenants from Minorca Beach would like to give our boys props for such great work ethic, she has never seen young men work like that.  She would like to speak to a manager and pass her compliments along.

Mrs. D. — New Smyrna Beach, FL. – February, 2016

Quick and Professional Heat Pump Installation

T.C. called to say how wonderful both Cooper and Thomas were. He said he had originally thought he was going to get 3 bids but after Coop came he knew he wanted to use us. He was very impressed with the installers!

T.C. Palm Coast, FL. – January, 2016

More Reviews Of our Satisfied Customers

Comment Cards from Our Customers

“Advanced was AWESOME!!!! You gave me the best quote, worked with me and the gentlemen that came out were all so nice, polite and respectful. Will definitely recommend to anyone in the future.” – P. Chitwood – September 2016

“Very pleased with installation process. Men who worked were excellent, very prompt service.” – O.B. Oak Hill, FL – April 2014

“Great service! I have been with you for 12 years and service 3 properties with you. Technicians are Excellent.” – R.B. New Smyrna Beach, FL – April 2014

“Very nice gentlemen, quick response time and courteous service.” – M.S. Edgewater, FL – January 2014

Helpful and Knowledgeable AC Service Technicians

This is in the nature of a fan letter to commend your company, and in particular, one of your Service Technicians – Steve. It took three visits over the course of the day on Saturday to fix my air conditioning issue. The last two were with Steve. There were several issues involved, from replacement of a relay on the central air unit itself, to a final solution of a new thermostat. Steve was thorough, knowledgeable, and very pleasant and helpful. He’s not only very good at his job, but obviously enjoys his work (and your company!). I commend him thoroughly, and wanted to let you know. Your ladies on the phone were also very pleasant and professional, and the fact that you are available seven days a week should also be mentioned. I moved here in October from Northern Virginia, and am very pleased to add you to a list of people I will recommend to others. Please thank Steve for going above and beyond!

S.R. Port Orange, FL – August, 2013

Professionalism and Customer Service Exceeded Expectations

Your customer service from start to finish is unbelievable. From the time Chris Kelley gave us the estimate until the completion of the work, your professionalism and technical expertise made for the best possible experience. There are a lot of flakey, rip off air and heat companies around. It is refreshing to see one that clearly stands above the rest. I will not only use this company in the future, I will tell EVERYONE I know. Thank you! I didn’t mention the installation guys or the woman who answers your phones. They were wonderful! So nice. So polite. So professional. I got quotes from 4 other companies. Yours was not the lowest or the highest. But some of these people were downright scary…like the guy who showed up dead drunk at 9 a.m. and the one who said their quote was, ‘just an estimate’ and that the final price would be higher. I don’t even know what that means. When I had a problem last Thursday, your company came through. You could have just as easily told me to take a hike. Thank you very, very much for exceeding my expectations.

D.B. Daytona Beach Shores, FL – July 2013

Efficient and Affordable AC Repair

They definitely knew what they were doing. They were very courteous. They had a check off list to make sure they were doing everything correct. Their demeanor was great and they were professional. Some of the other places were charging a lot more and we had ours done before with another company and they were more expensive.

S.S. Port Orange, FL – January 2013

Highly Recommended – Best Air Conditioning and Heating Repair in New Smyrna Beach

They are very professional, prices are very reasonable and they are very nice people. They are always prompt and on-time. I would highly recommend and have done so to others. Their office is very nice, clean and well-organized.

R.M. New Smyrna Beach, FL – August 2012

Have Kept my 16 Year Old A/C Working

I’ve used Advanced Air and Heat a number of times and they’ve always given great service! This time; I called and left a message at 1:30am. By 8:00am Michelle was calling to ask me if 11ish was alright. Can’t really get faster service than that. Michelle called a few minutes before serviceman, Chuck arrived. Chuck was personable, knowledgeable and had my A/C up and running within an hour or so. AA&H keeps my 16 year old A/C/heat pump going a bit longer, I hope.

B.L. New Smyrna Beach – September 2012

Great Experience from Start to Finish

It went very well. The office arranged an appointment on my time schedule. The technician arrived on time and completed his work quickly. He cleaned up after himself, explained what he had done, what he had found and answered all my questions about the workings of my air conditioning unit. He was pleasant and knowledgeable and I will use Advanced Air and Heat again.

J.G. New Smyrna Beach, FL – August 2012

Knowledgeable and Courteous AC Repair Technicians

The young men who installed our new system were professional and courteous. They explained everything in detail and cleaned up after themselves so you would hardly know they were there. The new system works great!

S.W. Edgewater, FL – July 2012

In Depth and Affordable Air Conditioning Repair

My upstairs air unit stopped cooling. I called Mary [dispatcher] and she looked my account up, verified the address and told me she would have a technician at my house in a short while. Mary told me there would be a service charge and asked how I would be paying. I gave her my credit card. She took my cell phone number to let me know when the technician was close. About 30-45 minutes later Mary called my cell to tell me the technician was on his way and Bob rang my door bell less than a minute later. He verified my breakers were okay and had a suspicion that it would be the capacitor as he had just done a neighbors as well as a few more in close proximity. Bob was right, it was the capacitor [under warranty in my case] smoked and swelled. He had one on the truck which he replaced, put some algae tablets in my air handler, checked the freon and verified air handler output of 64 degrees before leaving. The usual charge for this would have been $119 but with part being under warranty, only cost me $85. I’m a happy camper. Thank you Bob and Advanced Air and Heat!

K.S. New Smyrna Beach, FL – June 2012

Great Generator, Heating and Air Conditioner Check Ups Every Year

I use them to service our heating and air whenever we need it. They were out last April and they did a yearly check up on my generator, heating and air. They are always there when we need them and they are very professional.

D.G. New Smyrna Beach, FL – March 2012

Impressive Service on New AC System Installation

They came out first to look at the old system for a service call and then they gave me a quote for a new one. Once I agreed to install a new one they set up an install date. When they came back they were here on time and cleaned up after themselves. They were very nice young men. I was very pleased and impressed.

W.F. New Smyrna Beach, FL – November 2011

Quick and Professional Heat Pump Installation

The crew worked very quickly. They were gone two hours after they arrived. Both were friendly and professional. I asked several questions which they took time to answer in a way that I could understand. The technician installing the heat pump attached a shroud that connected the heat pump to the house, thus ensuring a professional look and sealing the ductwork. The technician who power cleaned the ducts cleaned up afterword. He worked with my wife and me to make sure that we both understood and were comfortable with the entire unit’s operation. We are very pleased with the job.

J.C. Port Orange, FL – November 2011

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