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Furnace Repair

Your locally owned and operated furnace repair and heating service solution. 

We provide extensive furnace repair and heating service, because a properly maintained furnace is an asset to every home especially in the winter months. Like any piece of hardware, preventative maintenance coupled with habitual examination will ensure your furnace is in working order or will determine what needs to be fixed.[/paragraph]

Advanced Air and Heat’s qualified furnace repair technicians have the years of experience necessary to accurately troubleshoot and diagnose a number of furnace related issues. Apart from furnace repair, regular servicing of your furnace is extremely important. As your furnace ages, not only can it experience technical difficulties, but the overall efficiency of the unit decreases as well. Regular maintenance will not only extend the life of your furnace, but will help maintain peak performance throughout the year.

Despite the fact that annual furnace inspections are recommended by a number of industry professionals, it’s reasonable to have newer units (less than 10 years old) checked every other year. If you do not remember the last time you inspected your furnace, it’s encouraged you do so in the foreseeable future to ensure everything is in proper working order. Below you’ll find several do-it-yourself recommendations in order to make certain your furnace is not in need of urgent maintenance or repair. After completing an initial inspection, should you become concerned or discover a problem/issue, our certified furnace technicians are standing by to assist you.

  1. Cycle your thermostat in order to confirm that the furnace cycles through the start-up and shut-down effectively. Once the furnace has shut down, you should hear a fan for 2-3 minutes while the unit cools itself down. If you do not hear the fan, it’s possible that it’s broken and need to be fixed. If your furnace is running loudly, there is a good chance the tension belt and/or motor are causing the problem.
  2. While the furnace is cycling, check the supply (small grates throughout the house) and return air (large grate, typically situated in a hallway) temperatures and compare with the reading on the thermostat to ensure consistency.
  3. Clean and level your thermostat.
  4. If you cannot remember the last time the air filter was replaced, remove the air filter (furnace filter) and inspect it. If it’s quite dirty, it needs to be replaced promptly.
  5. Inspect all wiring, bolts and electrical connections to the furnace. If you come across burns, loose bolts or frayed wires, it’s important you consult with a professional.
  6. Venting systems over time can suffer from wear and tear. Search for rust or gaps in the vent connection piping as well as furnace chimney.

In addition to providing furnace repair and service we also carry a wide variety of furnaces in stock in the event that your furnace needs to be replaced.

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Furnace Repair


A heater should not remain broken for long. If your heater breaks, then make sure you contact us immediately. We will send someone to help ensure that your heater is properly repaired as soon as possible. Avoid using a heater while it is damaged because it can cause harm to someone in your home. Once we are done fixing your heater then you can start to use it again.


Heating Service


Heaters need to be serviced regularly in order to ensure they are functioning normally. You do not want to have a heater in your home that is at risk for breaking down. One defect could result in damage to your home. Call us for regular heater service so that you have a piece of mind in knowing that your heater works properly.

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