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You might not need air duct cleaning to improve Air Quality

More and more people are suffering from allergies, asthma and poor indoor air quality. This is why services such as air purification are essential. Although we can’t cure your ailments, we can help clean the air to help reduce the buildup of pollutants. Improving the indoor air quality allows your body’s immune system to do its job better and protects your family from harmful bacteria in the air.

Ultra Violet Germicidal Lights

Ultra Violet Germicidal Lights use UV rays to kill bacteria in the air. UV air purification helps by killing mold and bacteria in your heating or cooling system before it has time to circulate within your household. Ultraviolet lights can be effective on microorganisms, chemicals and toxins, and are placed in a position where they can effectively eradicate microorganisms as the air flows past the UV bulb. UV air purifiers also require less energy than air filters as they do not require air to be circulated through the unit in order to clean it.

Air Filters

Air filters have become more than just a way to keep dust out of your furnace or air conditioner. Many new homes are built with the most basic, disposable air filters. These catch the big particles, but can actually let the smaller particles slip right by. In addition, studies have shown that microorganisms can actually start growing on the dirt that is collecting on a standard filter. Ensuring that these filters are changed regularly will also significantly affect your home’s air quality.[/paragraph]

HEPA filters are also very effective at removing particles in the air. HEPA filters are able to catch very small particles in the air, especially those which make allergies worse. These air filters also have a very high level of filtration efficiency.

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