Find Out if you have a Clogged AC Condenser Coil Find Out if you have a Clogged AC Condenser Coil

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Clogged Air Conditioner Condenser Coil

dirty ac condenser coil
Clogged condenser coil

One of the most common AC problems is a clogged condenser coil. If your AC is on and set to a low temperature, but your house is not staying cool, chances are you have a clogged coil. The condenser coil is the side holey outer side of your outdoor ac unit. It looks like a filter on the side of your outdoor air conditioner unit. 


Living on the Florida coast means your home’s AC condenser coil gets tons of leaves and dirt and sand blown into it. Every time you mow and weed eat the lawn, yard debris is blown into the outdoor unit. You can see how the outdoor condenser coil gets very dirty, very easily. It’s important to have your heating and cooling system cleaned regularly to avoid a clogged condenser coil.


A dirty air conditioner condenser coil means hot air is not being transferred out of your home efficiently. That means your indoor AC evaporator coil has to work twice as hard to keep your home cool. The longer your evaporator coil has to work extra to cool your home, the faster your entire central air conditioning system will break down. (And the more your electric bill will go up). Especially during the Florida summers when temperatures are in the 90s.


Temps have been high the past few weeks, so your air conditioner has been working hard to keep the hot air out and the cold air in. If you haven’t had an AC tune-up lately and you haven’t cleaned your outdoor AC unit this year, your condenser coil is dirty. A dirty condenser coil leads to a clog. And a clogged condenser coil causes the evaporator coil to break. Along with a ton of other possible ac damage.

Check Your Condenser Coil Immediately!

Take action before you have pay to repair a broken AC. Go outside and look at your air conditioning unit. If you can’t see between the coil lines of the the outside layer, you need to clean ac condenser coil. Schedule an ac maintenance service call today to have a professionally trained hvac technician clean your central air system.


For you DIY-ers, you can attempt to clean the condenser coil without an HVAC expert. Advanced Air & Heat does NOT recommend to clean clogged condenser coils yourself. Advanced Air & Heat does NOT recommend the use of AC condenser coil cleaning products without a licensed and trained professional either. These products can cause irreparable damage to your ac system if used incorrectly. Plus, there is a good chance your clogged condenser coil has caused other damage to your air conditioner.


Schedule a preventative maintenance tune-up for a full inspection of your air & heat system. Our local AC technician will provide same-day AC service and perform necessary maintenance or repair.


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