Tips to get ready for the summer heat Tips to get ready for the summer heat

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February 13, 2017

Seasonal Checklist for a COOL Summer

In Florida, February is the ideal month to prepare for upcoming summer heat. On the coast especially, it seems like summer starts earlier and earlier every year. With temperatures in Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach already reaching over 80 degrees last weekend, this year is no different. The time is now to get your air conditioning ready to beat the summer heat. If you don’t take the necessary steps now, your air conditioner is guaranteed to break this summer and you will be faced with a big AC big. Plus, your monthly utility bill will be over $300 if you don’t make sure your AC unit is prepared to conserve energy.

Below are quick tips on how to avoid costly AC repairs. The last thing you want is your a/c to go out 4th of July weekend.

Here’s Advanced Air & Heat’s suggestions on how to prepare for the summer heat:
  1. Replace your air filters.

    New air filters are a given every month. To keep your AC system in tip-top shape and extend its life, you should change out your filters once a month. New air filters are especially important in the summer heat. Clean filters allow for the best AC flow. Even with a name brand like Trane air conditioners or a Rheem AC, you still need to stay on top of changing your AC filter.

  2. Keep drains clear.

    The drain lines are just as important as the air filters. AC drain lines get clogged very easily with increased use in the summer, so it’s important to flush them often. Add 1 cup of vinegar to the drain line. Then flush the line with 1 gallon of water. A clogged backup can turn in to an expensive AC repair quick. Plus, your air conditioner will reduce air flow if the drain lines are not clear.

  3. Unblock air return.

    Blocked air in your air conditioner will cause the AC unit to break faster than you think. Furniture in the way of the air and heat intake vents does not allow the air conditioner to cycle air in and out of your home. Summer heat makes the air system try to create cool air out of nothing and leads to unaffordable AC repairs. Remove all furniture and dirt from anywhere around your AC vents.

  4. Test your equipment.

    Move the AC thermostat up and down between cool temperatures to make sure your home adjusts to that temperature. If you turn the thermostat down and the house doesn’t get cool, something is wrong. Schedule AC maintenance immediately. The summer heat will only make this problem way worse and keep your family hot for days.


    These steps can be tedious and confusing for nonskilled AC technicians. Luckily Advanced Air & Heat offers the BEST preventative maintenance AC tune-up from Edgewater to Palm Coast! Schedule an air conditioner tune-up today to let us take care of these steps for you. Let our experts test the a/c system and spot any issues before they turn in to big repairs.

If you do find a broken AC problem doing this checklist, call Advanced Air & Heat. We offer the most affordable AC repair and fastest air conditioner service in Edgewater, New Smyrna Beach, Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, Deltona, Deland, and Daytona Beach. Same day AC service, 7 days a week – guaranteed.

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