Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud ? Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud ?

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Causes of a Loud AC

Air conditioners can be pretty noisy. Between the compressor in the outdoor unit and the fan inside, heating and cooling systems can be the loudest thing in your home. Noise coming from your air conditioner is normal – to an extent.

Below are a few common causes of air conditioner noise. Anything louder than a low purr is reason to be worried, and you should contact your local ac company for an inspection.

Common AC noises:

When your AC turns on, the air conditioner might sound like a washing machine ‘whirring’. As the HVAC system turns off, you might hear something like the blades of an industrial fan ‘back-peddling’. These should be low volume noises, like a mild hum. Older air conditioning systems tend to be slightly louder, but still nothing to worry about when turning on and off your A/C.

If you’re unsure about noise coming from your AC, schedule a tune-up to have air conditioner experts inspect your cooling system for any damage. Regular preventative maintenance checks will ensure the difference between dirty fan blades and broken AC fan blades.


To tell the difference between minor air conditioner noise and a damaged HVAC system, listen for these signs:

Metal clanking – loud banging noise is the most common damaged ac noise. You will usually hear a banging noise from your outdoor ac unit. Branches and other debris get caught in the coils outside and hit the ac fan as it cools the air inside your home. Contact your local ac experts immediately if you see or hear something hitting your ac fan blades. It will cause costly damage to your air conditioning system if left unfixed.

Bubbling – another common air conditioner sound is bubbling water coming from your indoor unit. Loud gurgling noise from your ac unit is caused by clogged drain lines. You can easily flush your drain lines by pouring 1 cup of vinegar down the drain line. Then, pour 1 gallon of water down the ac drain line to prevent costly backups. Sometimes, the water bubbling noise is caused by a refrigerant leak.

Call (386) 478-7302 immediately if you think you have a refrigerant leak as they cause irreparable damage to your heating and cooling system.

Vibration – a low vibration can happen indoors or from your outdoor ac unit. The vibration is typically due to loose ac parts or piping strapped too tightly. Both situations are easily fixable with a household wrench. Find the source of the vibrating noise – loose screws around the outside of the unit or near the pipes. Neither situation will cause a costly ac repair. If you can’t find the source, schedule a maintenance call and one of our AC engineers will stop the vibrating during a preventative maintenance tune-up or advise further air conditioner repair.


If a loud AC is bothering you, call the AC experts at Advanced Air & Heat for same-day ac service. Our knowledgeable, friendly and experienced air technicians will provide you all of the options for how to stop your air conditioner noise.


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