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March 22, 2017

Advances in energy efficiency for air conditioners

When owning a home, energy efficiency is typically not thought of until it’s become too costly. Each home’s biggest user of energy is the cooling and heating system. Florida homes use an average of 1,080 kWH of energy every month, and 90% of that goes to the A/C system. As the energy boom and climate change have grown in importance, extra attention is being paid to optimizing A/C energy efficiency. These efforts will be particularly helpful for us Floridians and our electric bills.

Energy efficiency

One major success in bettering energy efficiency for air conditioners is a ductless A/C unit. Ductless air conditioners are similar to wall units in that they do not require a network of blown-in insulation to cool your home. Ductless multi-split units use an inverter to heat pump mechanism to consistently pump hot air out of the house and convert it to cool air in the house (or vice versa in the winter). These heating and cooling systems are optimum for conserving energy because they rely on changing the hot air into cool air instead of just pumping out cooled air. The Daikin Ductless multi-split units are particularly great at energy efficiency because they allow different settings in each room. The Daikin multi-split ductless system senses motion (or lack of) in each room and adjusts the temperatures in rooms not being occupied. So, instead of your A/C cooling the entire house all of the time, the Daikin system only spends energy in rooms being used. Plus, there are no ducts in your attic, so your A/C system will require fewer repairs.

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Other advances in the residential heating and cooling energy industry are being studied by University of Central Florida. UCF was recently awarded an 800,000 grant to research ways to maximize residential energy efficiency. Efforts are focused on improving efficiency of the evaporator coils combined with high-efficiency fans. These technology advances will reduce significantly reduce your monthly electric bill. Energy efficient air conditioners will be especially important for us Floridians in the summer when our A/C is running non-stop.


For more information on A/C energy efficiency and ways to reduce your air conditioner energy use, check out the Department of Energy’s guide to energy-saving tips. And schedule a tune-up to avoid costly A/C repairs this summer! Advanced Air & Heat offers the best preventative maintenance tune-up for UNDER $20!


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