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June is National Safety Awareness month, so here a few tips on HVAC safety.

With your air conditioning working a lot this Summer, you and your family need to take extra precautions. Your outdoor unit should remain cool if your compressor coils are functioning properly. However, metal exposed to sunlight will heat up quickly, so be sure not to touch it on extra hot days.

Other potential HVAC dangers are:

Electrical fires: air conditioner overuair duct cleaning, mold from air conditioner, hvac dangers, stay safe this summer, hvac safety, mold damage ac,se can cause loose connections within your cooling system from excessive expansion and contraction of parts

  • System failure: blocked pressure release valves will cause refrigerant buildup and system malfunction. Covered or blocked condenser or evaporator coils will cause blocked valves
  • Sickness from mold exposure: moisture produced by your air conditioning system can build up in your air ducts. If left uncleaned, the moisture will turn into mold and can cause serious respiratory issues.

To prevent these HVAC safety issues:

  1. Always change your air filter. A clogged air filter is usually the source of A/C malfunction.
  2. Keep your condenser coil clean. Here’s how.
  3. Schedule preventative maintenance. Our professional AC technicians will ensure proper system function with a total air conditioner system inspection. For under $20 you can’t afford not to get an A/C tune-up.hvac safety, summer safety, air conditioner safety, stay safe this summer, hvac dangers, how to keep your hvac system safe
  4. Use protective gear: If liquid is leaking from your A/C unit, be sure to wear goggles, gloves, and something to cover your nose and mouth when trying to find the source of the lead. Exposure to chemicals from heating and cooling systems can cause serious damage to your health so do not directly touch the liquid and call Advanced Air & Heat to repair the leak.  Refrigerant leaks are the leading cause of AC repairs and should not be taken lightly.
  5. Schedule an air duct cleaning if you smell mold anywhere in your home. Our AC experts can detect the source of the moisture buildup and prevent any future mold to spread.

It’s important to stay safe this Summer and that includes HVAC safety. Take extra precaution in and around your AC units.

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