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November 23, 2016

Last Minute Thanksgiving Tips

We’re officially less than one day away from Thanksgiving. Getting the whole family together for the holidays can be a big to-do, so we have a few tips & tricks to help you get ready. From planning the menu to keeping your home comfortable, here are some important things to keep in mind for your holiday party. (Plus, our heating and a/c experts have a few ways you can save energy during the festivities).

  1. Keep your home comfortable. Grandma and grandpa won’t stop turning the heater up. The kids run in the front door and out the back door. The turkey burns in the oven and smokes up the whole kitchen. Disaster is around every corner when the whole family is under the same roof for the holidays. Plus, the air conditioning is constantly adjusting to keep the temperature right inside.  Tons of air conditioner repairs happen after Thanksgiving because A/C units work twice as hard to stabilize indoor temps.  Furnace repairs are common, too. When your heater has to constantly turn on and off, your utility bills go up and you’re likely to have a costly repair.

To save money and avoid costly furnace repairs, set the thermostat close to the temperature outside. This way, when the doors are open and bringing the outside air in, your A/C unit or heating system will not have to work as hard to stay balanced.

The forecast for Thanksgiving shows temps in the 70s along the coast, so 75°F should do the trick. And to really save energy (and money), open the windows and turn on the ceiling fans to keep your home comfortable.

  1. Bring in the troops! Just because you’re the host, doesn’t mean you can’t call in helpers. Planning an entire Turkey Day menu is a big job. You have to consider the vegan options, the allergies, the must-haves – the list of specifics goes on and on. Not to mention the big ticket that goes along with buying all the ingredients. Take the burden off by asking each guest to prepare a dish. That way, everyone has at least one thing they love on the menu, and you’re not stuck doing all the cooking. Keep everyone in the loop by starting a Thanksgiving menu group on Facebook to have your guests post what they’re bringing. While you’re at it, cast your vote for the BEST Thanksgiving dish:
  1. Clean out your closet and the rest of your HVAC equipment. Having guests over causes a big mess, so it’s important to prepare by doing extra cleaning. Homeowners tend to forget cleaning the heating ducts and heat pumps which causes dirt build up. Air and duct leaks are common in Florida and lead to costly a/c repairs. And worse than that are home heating system fires. Residents don’t do preventative maintenance tune-ups on their heaters, so the furnace equipment gets dirty and clogged. Schedule furnace maintenance before the party to have your air filters changed and vents cleaned.  Contact the air and heat experts at Advanced today to schedule a preventative maintenance tune up for your heating system, a/c ducts, and AC equipment.
  1. Go Daikin Ductless! Take away the stress of worrying about a noisy A/C unit or high electric bills – install a ductless heating and cooling system. Ductless systems are cost efficient and quiet. Not to mention ductless heaters and air conditioning units have air purifying filters that trap mildew, mites, cigarette smoke, dust and pollen. With a ductless HVAC system, you can forget about the thermostat. Programmed temperature constantly maintains your home’s comfort, letting you take focus on the cooking. The best part is, there’s plenty of time to upgrade your home to ductless heating and cooling system before Thanksgiving. Ductless systems have just two main components and no invasive and costly ductwork, which means installations are often done in a day. Don’t delay, call Advanced today to install a ductless system.

Our Advanced Air & Heat family wishes you the best of luck throwing your Thanksgiving party. We hope our air and heat tips will help you keep your family comfortable this holiday season.


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