A House is a System of Interworking Systems A House is a System of Interworking Systems

Your home is a dynamic, interacting systems


As the daunting summer season approaches, it’s essential to understand your options for keeping your home cool and protecting your systems from damage. The diagram above shows how your home’s system work together to maintain comfort inside. Between each of these systems is various types of insulation necessary to keep them running effectively and to keep moisture out. Without proper insulation, your home will be subject to increased heat and moisture exposure. Living in sunny, coastal Florida, any heat exposure causes a significant increase in your home’s energy usage which means higher utility bills and a miserably hot summer.

Control your HVAC system

To control energy usage and maintain the performance of your heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, you must ensure your roof and all of your walls are adequately sealed. Traditional forms of fiber glass insulation are pre-packaged sheets that require extensive installation. An air conditioning technician must position the insulation into the shapes of your walls and spaces in your attic to create a sealed layer. Since the sheets of insulation are pre-created, oftentimes gaps are left unfilled.

At Advanced Air & Heat, we only use the best products and installation methods for our customers. After extensive market research, our air conditioning specialists have determined blown-in insulation is the most effective way to completely seal your home and ensure energy efficiency. Instead of being limited to the specific sizes of compression packaged insulation, blown-in insulation ensures even the most difficult to reach places in your attic are sealed.


Blown-in insulation is done with a hose and comes in an adaptable form to fit any area. Installation is fast, clean, and complete. The material expands and adheres to even the tiniest of spaces. Also, using blown-in insulation allows you to decide the level of protection from heat exposure for your HVAC system.

Advanced Air & Heat relies only on the industry leader for blown-in insulation – the Atticat System. With over 65 years experience in refining this method of insulation, the Atticat System has become the preferred brand voted seven to one. We have trained our service technicians to become experts in this insulation method and our customers reap the benefits of extremely energy efficient homes – and cooler temperatures indoors for years to come. Call today to have one of our professional air conditioning technicians insulate your home.

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