Get your heater ready for cold weather coming to Florida's coast Get your heater ready for cold weather coming to Florida's coast

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Get your heater ready for the cold weather

It’s time to bundle up – a cold front is moving into Florida over the next few days. Forecasters are predicting temps to dip into the 60s and lows as cold as 50. Advanced Air & Heat is here to get your heater ready for the cold weather coming to New Smyrna Beach and the rest of coastal Florida.

  • Change your furnace filter! Make sure your heater is ready to pump out warm air all weekend. If you’re like us, you probably forget to change your furnace filter. Avoid a costly furnace repair by being proactive and changing your air filter.
  • Cycle your furnace and level your thermostat. Set your thermostat to a high heat temperature and allow to run, then shut down. Monitor the supply heat coming from your vents to ensure consistent hot air. If the furnace is running loudly, contact us immediately.
  • Get a furnace tune-up.  If you notice a lot of dirt in your filter or heating system, schedule a heater tune-up from Advanced Air & Heat today. The last thing you want is to turn on your furnace on Friday and find out no hot air is coming out. Be ready for the cold weather this weekend by having our heating service technicians inspect your furnace. Our preventative maintenance tune-ups include full heating system inspection which will uncover any potential heater damage you have.
  • Seal those cracks. Cold air can easily get into your home this weekend through any unsealed windows or doors. It’s important to keep the warm air from your heater indoors and cold air out. These air leaks can occur along the walls and also from your heater outside your home. Our heater tune-ups will uncover any air leaks you have in your furnace and Advanced Air & Heat will seal them promptly.

After you schedule maintenance with Advanced Air & Heat, rest easy knowing you will be warm this weekend. We’re looking forward to the cold weather coming to New Smyrna, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, Edgewater, and all of Florida this weekend. But we want to be sure all of our neighbors are prepared to handle it. Keep your furnace clean and serviced, call us today for help! (386) 427-1665

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