Give your heater and AC a tune-up this fall Give your heater and AC a tune-up this fall

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October 20, 2016

Give your home a tune-up this fall

Nothing says fall like a home makeover. New colors, new scents, and a new look can go a long way to freshen your fall style. And you don’t need to break the bank to do it. Here’s our take on how to revamp your home for this fall season:

1. Warm colors – Add some warm orange and red tones to your interior feng shui. Festive throws, pillows, and chairs added to your living room will give it a cozy touch. Check out Hobby Lobby’s fall collection for cheap fall finds!

* Don’t forget to keep the temperature cozy with a working furnace. Avoid a furnace repair in the future and schedule a preventative maintenance tune-up appointment today to handle any furnace repairs before winter is here. For just $18.95 we will tune up your heating system. Let us keep the cold out as temperatures drop.

2. Fun scents – Pumpkin is in! October is perfect for pumpkin spice candles and cinnamon accents. Pick up some new candles and potpourri at your local retailer to spice up your home.

* Don’t forget to keep those warm scents locked indoors with proper attic insulation. Call us today for a blown-in attic insulation estimate. Blowing in insulation ensures a tighter fit and seal throughout your home to keep your family comfortable in the cooler weather. Get ready for winter and seal in the warm with blown-in insulation.

3. Keep the summer vibe alive – Who says you can’t still enjoy your pool in the fall and winter? With a pool heat pump, your family can swim in comfortable temps all year. Throw in red pool lights and tiki torches on the deck to set up the autumn mood.

* Price our top pool heat pumps Aquacal – for energy and cost efficient pool and spa heat pumps. We’ll install your pool heat pump today, so your family can enjoy the pool all winter.

4. Get funky fresh – Everyone knows about spring cleaning but forgets to be fall fresh. Give your home a good deep cleaning before setting up new decorations to liven it up. Cover spots you don’t do in your everyday cleaning – behind the couches, inside your fireplace, and under the kid’s beds.

* Most important: the places you can’t reach! Most of us don’t even think of air duct cleaning when we’re cleaning the house. That makes air ducts one of the most important places to clean before winter. Keep good air quality in your home this season by changing your filters and scheduling an air duct cleaning.

5. Avoid heavy cleanings in the future and to heat air with ease, consider going Daikin ductless

A few simple changes can go a long way to get you and yours in the fall spirit. Preventative maintenance will save your family a lot of hassle avoiding furnace repairs and heating service during this cold weather season. Plus, these affordable additions to your home décor will liven up your home for fall.

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