Customer Expectations for the AC Service Industry Customer Expectations for the AC Service Industry

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April 27, 2016

Customer Expectations for the A/C Service Industry

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When it comes to air conditioning contractors and customers, the picture is not always perfect. Failure to meet scheduled appointments, inability to fix critical problems in a timely manner and failure to meet customer expectations are just a few of the issues that arise in the home air conditioning service and repair industry. Customer dissatisfaction is all too common because of a lack of these and other situations.

Common Issues that Cause Customer Dissatisfaction

Failure to Communicate Effectively

Concise communication is a basic expectation from an air conditioner service and repair company.  Options for A/C service and repair companies are abundant, but finding a company that can effectively communicate the problem and supply the best solution to your air conditioning need is rare in this industry.  Advanced Air and Heat recognizes that the typical A/C service company not only refuses to explain the problem and their proposed solution but also fails to request customer approval before proceeding with the repair.

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Acknowledging Scheduled Appointments

Punctuality is of the utmost importance for any service, especially repair service. The HVAC servicing industry is littered with companies that lack the organizational ability to maintain scheduled appointments.  Advanced Air and Heat strives to be on-time with all of our scheduled appointments.  We value our customer’s time and restore their home comfort needs quickly.

Emergency Situations Resulting in Unscrupulous Business Practice

When your air conditioner quits working during the extreme Florida summer heat, your only thought is to remedy the problem ASAP.  Some A/C service and repair companies may attempt to profit from this dire need by convincing their customers they need unnecessary and costly parts and repairs.  This business practice is not only unethical, it puts a black mark on the industry as a whole.  Advanced Air and Heat doesn’t equate extreme need to extreme costs.  We will never suggest an unnecessary repair and our prices remain the same 7 days-a-week.  Our service vans are equipped with the parts required to solve the most common problems.  In the event that we need to order a part, our service techs will take all measures to temporarily restore your home comfort needs until your part arrives.  Your family’s comfort is always our main focus.

Failure to Finish Work On Time

Over promising and under delivering has plagued the air conditioning service and repair industry for years.  Some companies will tell customers whatever they want to hear and quote unachievable timelines just to seal the deal. As a customer, you deserve honesty.  Advanced Air and Heat offers our customers a full staff that is committed to meet and exceed your expectations with obtainable deadlines.

Maintain Cleanliness After Work Completion

Customers can and should get irritated if their air conditioning service tech leaves a dirty trail after restoring their A/C unit. Advanced Air and Heat requires our service techs wear work boot covers and leave the work area in the same condition they found it.  Our customers never have to clean up after our work.  Customer satisfaction is the only thing we leave behind.

All air conditioning service and repair companies should work with the primary goal of absolute customer satisfaction, unfortunately, most do not. Advanced Air and Heat ensures it through exceptional professionalism and a customer-needs-first policy.

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