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January 7, 2015

How can attic insulation reduce the cost of my energy bill?


According to the Florida Solar Energy Center, your attic should have the proper level of insulation for the climate (at least R-19), adequate vents to allow hot air to escape and a radiant barrier to shield the house from heat. The foil radiant barrier and good ventilation can reduce heat gain through the ceiling by 40%. The home’s cooling system should also operate more efficiently and last longer because the ductwork is cooler.


Over time, insulation tends to settle, becoming thinner and less effective. Improving your insulation is an easy, cost-effective home improvement that pays off in greater comfort and lower bills. Homes built after 1982 are required to have R-19 insulation, which is the level Florida Power and Light recommends. FPL customers who improved their ceiling insulation have seen average savings of $30-$68 per year depending on their previous level of insulation. However, if your home was built before 1982, you may benefit from adding insulation.

Installing additional insulation:

• Keeps unwanted heat out

• Reduces the workload of your cooling system

• Can result in additional savings on your electric bill

Types of attic insulation:

Paper backed blankets of fiberglass insulation work well for attics with enough height to work inside. The insulation can be laid between the wooden beams on the attic floor to provide an even level of insulation throughout your home. Choose products with an insulating value of at least R19.

Blown-in insulation works well too. Five inches of blown fiberglass or three inches of cellulose will provide an insulating value of R19. Tell your installer you will be checking to see if they applied an even layer across the entire attic at the end of the job.

Insulating foam can also be sprayed onto the attic ceiling. Spray foam is only recommended for homes with sealed attics and tile, metal, or light color shingle roofs.

For more information about attic insulation in the New Smyrna, Port Orange, Daytona Beach and surrounding areas, contact Advanced Air and Heat at (386) 478-7302.

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