HVAC system can effect internet HVAC system can effect internet

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April 21, 2015

HVAC systems connect to networks at various retail companies, government buildings and even hospitals. Since computer and networking equipment generates a lot of heat, it’s important to have the proper ventilation. Fans can help with the issue as well is making sure the temperature remains at a temperature that is also comfortable for humans. If your office telecommunication room is large, proper ventilation is especially important and may require their own HVAC systems.

Getting a Wi-Fi network to perform its best is more complicated than just unpacking the hardware and plugging it in. You have to deal with the quirks of your house — room layouts, lighting, where your HVAC unit rests. If you are having internet “noise” and find that your cable is running too closely to your HVAC system, you may have an issue on your hands that a professional will have to handle.

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