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March 5, 2015


1830s – In Florida, Dr. John Gorrie built an ice-making machine that used compression to make buckets of ice and then blow air over them

1902 – First modern AC created by W.H. Carrier

1927 – General Electric mass-produces a refrigerator named “The Monitor Top” in which an a/c unit can blow air from the top

1930 – Trains begin using the Centrifugal Chiller, a small a/c unit

1938 – Window a/c unit created by Philco York, which uses Freon

1953 – More than 1 million a/c units are sold

1959 – Packard Motor Company offers a/c option in cars for extra $247

1969 – 54% of all domestic vehicles have air conditioning

1970s – Central a/c units take over window units

1987 – An international agreement is established to eliminate CFC refrigerants that break down the earth’s ozone

1994 – Freon is banned in several countries

For more great facts about the history of air conditioning, read this article from Popular Mechanics.

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