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September 1, 2014

Cities like New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach Shores are hard on Air Conditioning Units

In coastal cities like New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach Shores, air conditioning units have a harder life than those in other parts of the country. There are a few different reasons, and as a responsible homeowner, it’s up to you to be aware of those reasons and do all you can to preserve the life of your AC unit. Obviously, having your system maintained on a regular basis by our talented staff at Advanced Air and Heat is the most important step you can take, but you can also implement some extra preventative measures to help extend the life of your system.

Salt Corrosion
The salt in the air corrodes nearly every surface near the ocean to some degree, and the components of your New Smyrna Beach air conditioning unit are no exception. If left unprotected, the aluminum fins and metal coil in your unit will break down more quickly than you might expect, forcing you to buy replacement parts or even a brand new air conditioner. Strategies for fighting salt corrosion are as simple as locating your unit on the side of your house away from the ocean and gently rinsing the metal parts periodically with fresh water.

The constant humidity in coastal areas puts added strain on air conditioning. Port Orange, FL is going to have humid conditions on a nearly constant basis, so homeowners must accept the fact and try to compensate by making things easier on their AC units. Stand-alone dehumidifiers help to remove extra water from your home’s air, allowing your air conditioner to cool the air more quickly and efficiently. In addition, always run fans in the kitchen and bathroom when hot water is producing steam. The fans will quickly remove the humidity so that your AC does not have to.

Severe Weather Damage

If you live in Edgewater or Port Orange, you may have already experienced the feeling of helplessness that comes over you when a hurricane or strong thunderstorm strikes. Edgewater AC repair technicians are particularly busy following hurricanes, since units sit outside and are vulnerable to high winds and flying debris like tree branches. If you have the chance to cover your air conditioner with a heavy-duty tarp, you may be able to protect it from leaves, sand, dirt, gravel, and other debris that could damage its mechanisms.

Living by the ocean is relaxing and luxurious for us, but for an air conditioner, it can be a hard life. Contact your local Edgewater AC repair experts for more ideas on making the most of your AC investment.

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